Leaving Las Vegas

'Leaving Las Vegas' was the movie that proved Nicolas Cage can be a great actor
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samluradho.tk Things have been worse for Figgis and Shue, as the film turned out to be the peak in both of their careers. And time has not been as kind as it should to "Leaving Las Vegas"—the only place you can currently stream it is on iTunes. Perhaps on its 20th anniversary, "Leaving Las Vegas" can have another underdog resurgence.

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Jason Guerrasio. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Mike Figgis John O'Brien. Barry Kingston Waldemar Kalinowski. Nigel Heath Julian Slater. Leesa Evans Vikki Barrett. Whenever an artist manages to combine and contrast beauty and reality I'm always sucked in without reservation, often leaving me wrecked but smiling. Figgis, Cage and Shue made promises here they unfortunately never kept in their later careers.

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The notion of a man leaving everything behind to drink himself to death in the capital of sin is as strong as it is fraught with the danger of skirting melodrama. Figgis manages to walk this tightrope really well as he is as unrelenting for his audience as Cage's character is for himself.

Leaving Las Vegas

He cuts no corners and unveils two lives that meet, linked in misfortune,…. Tragedies have placed them within these circumstances, and it is evident that underneath their acceptance is a layer of sorrow and regret, but life forces you to move forward…. Sure its fun to see The Immortal One ham it up in films like Con Air and The Rock but his portrayal of a destructive alcoholic in this film, which netted him an Oscar, suck it Leo is the real sight to behold. Now, a film about a human tornado of liquor that would give even Jim Lahey the whiskey sweats doesnt make for the most compelling of dramas, so Elizabeth Shue's character of a conflicted prostitute who befriends the broken man acts as the films counterbalance.

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Eventually the film becomes less about Cage's character…. Amazing editing, amazing score, amazing performances, good filmography, this film left me stunned by the dark yet honestly charming performance by Nicolas Cage and the story of how a man gave up on life.

This movie is dark yet full of wholesome moments like Ben falling in love despite being an extreme alcoholic supported by the great jaZz score and others. The aesthetic of Vegas is very much present and supports our characters intentions.

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When she enters their hotel room, the students change the deal and demand anal sex, which she refuses. Independent Spirit Award for Best Film. Bank Teller Anne Lange One early morning he drives drunkenly from his Los Angeles home down to the Las Vegas Strip ; he nearly hits a woman, Sera, on the crosswalk. Because his wife left him and took his son with her, screenwriter Ben Sanderson has started drinking, a lot. Why does Sera love Ben?

When we do place the blame on outside forces, Sartre argues, we are engaged in self-deception. Both characters in the film feel trapped into their respective lifestyles, and unable to act otherwise even to save their lives. Suppose that Ben and Sera are not trapped into their respective lives, but instead embrace their choices to die a drunk and to be a prostitute.

Anyways, the point is that I was let down to begin with and the movie deals with the meaning of life and existentialism. Therefore, it was mostly a losing battle for the movie to acquire any of my interest.